Wow, it seems I am only posting anything when MacZOT! has some sort of contest or promotion… I’m sure I’ll get back into the blogging thing when I go to Germany. Oh yeah, might as well have an update… I’m going to Germany from Aug 11-27, so that’ll be lots of fun. More info to come. 😀

So, without any further ado…

My review of HoudahSpot as seen on

— I always had a bit of a problem with the graphical Spotlight interface, finding it kind of awkward and unintuitive in some cases. It didn’t fit in with the search style found in iTunes, with AND and OR queries graphically accessible, rather than a single line of text to type in. The command line utility mdfind is a little better, but sometimes I just like a pretty interface for dealing with things like this. HoudahSpot responds to this problem beautifully, creating a nice graphical search utility that is exactly what Spotlight should be. I’m glad to try it and hope the BlogZOT works out well so I can have a copy for free, though it’s not so expensive that I would not just buy it myself. —

NOTE: If you’re seeing this on June 16, 2006 head over to MacZOT, you might be able to get a Free copy of HoudahSpot

Search easily in Tiger, Mac OS X, with HoudahSpot


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