I know I’ve already had rants about sports but I figured it was time for an addendum of sorts. I must first re-state that I am a bad Canadian. I hate hockey. I hate all sports, but hockey holds a special place in my heart—a rather miserable place, if you ask me.

Seeing as the previous rant also contained my reasons for disliking hockey I’ll get to some of the more specific rants.

The aspect of sports I hate more than the watching of the sports themselves is “sports fever.” I don’t care who wins. In fact, I hope the Canadiens lose as soon as possible. If they do, there will be much less playoff-watching around me. The other day at the dinner table, everyone had to be watching the game while eating, so I was the one who volunteered to take the seat with the back facing the television. The highlight of the evening was when the Canadiens score while I was in mid-bite, everyone jumps up and yells, while I don’t even break the movement from my plate to my mouth. I just don’t get why people care so much. All I ever get is “well, you get caught up in the fever!” But why is there fever in the first place? They’re not really doing ANYTHING! Or sometimes I get the “local pride” sort of argument: does the ability of a small group of a city’s residents to perform well in sports determine a city’s worth? Most players aren’t from here anyway! It’s just saying “we bought better players than you!” It accomplishes absolutely nothing.

I don’t really care too much what other people do, but it’s when I’m seeing friends (and significant others) that it starts to bug me; I want to spend time with people where everyone can enjoy what we’re doing. I’m always willing to accommodate others, but they use the excuse “oh, but this is only happening once! We can go out anytime, we can see that movie anytime…” Well, every moment of your life happens only once. So deal with it. Watch the highlights for the really “amazing” plays, see the scores, let a night of it go. For fuck’s sake, it’s just people hitting a projectile into a net! No story, no depth, no relevance…

I just want it to fucking end. Stupid goddamn hockey. I don’t hate it so much normally, it’s just when it starts to interfere with my life.


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